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How to maximize your compensation after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

After you’ve been hurt in a car crash by a negligent driver, you can bet that the other party’s insurance company won’t waste any time looking for ways to minimize your injuries and devalue your claim.

That’s why you need to be informed about what you can do to counter those efforts. If you want to get the maximum compensation for your losses, here are some tips to follow.

Do not talk to the insurance adjuster

It’s their job to save the company money — not pay you what you’re owed. No matter how friendly and sympathetic the adjuster may seem, they can (and will) try to twist your words against you.

A casual, “How are you today?” from an insurance adjuster can elicit an automatic response like “Fine, thanks,” when you are most certainly not fine or even fair. However, that won’t stop an insurance adjuster from using that statement as evidence that your injuries weren’t so bad.

Be consistent with your care and your documentation

You need medical treatment after being injured in a crash, and there are a few rules to remember:

  • See a doctor immediately after the crash.
  • Do not downplay any of your symptoms.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders and keep your appointments.

You should also keep a pain diary during this time. Take it with you to your doctor’s appointments and give a copy to the doctor for your chart. This helps show that your pain and suffering were real and sustained.

Get off social media

Any smart insurance adjuster will run a social media check on an injury victim to look for anything that could counter the narrative that you’re genuinely suffering.

You may know that the smile you had at your son’s birthday party was hiding a lot of pain. However, if it looks genuine on camera, a photo snagged from your Facebook page could be used against you. A comment about how angry you are over the crash could be used to say your motivation is about “sticking it to the other driver,” not fair compensation. Ultimately, experienced legal assistance can help you get what you deserve after a crash.

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