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Is age the issue with teenage drivers?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Teenage drivers get a lot of bad press. Yet, it is not without reason. Statistics show they are three times more likely to crash per mile than people over 20.

Yet, if age is just a number, how can you explain it?

Experience is more important than age

Age plays a role because most people mature with age. Obviously, there are some notable exceptions.

Yet, aside from maturity, it is the experience that helps people become safe drivers. A teenage license holder will have less driving experience than most older drivers because they were not allowed to drive until 16 at the earliest.

What happens if someone learns to drive at 25? How safe will they be?

A 25 year old fresh out of driving school may be wiser than a 17-year-old in the same position. Yet, they will also be new to taking the wheel. So they will be more likely to crash than someone who is now 25 but got their license at 17.

How can you help someone build up experience safely?

If your teenager has just got their license, or if your partner of an older age has recently learned to drive, here are some ways you can help them stay safe on the roads:

  • Choose a safer car: Some cars protect you more if you crash. Others mean you are less likely to crash in the first place because they do not have the power to reach dangerous speeds so easily.
  • Start gently: Begin with shorter journeys on quieter roads at less busy times of the day.
  • Drive with them: The success of this will depend on how you relate to each other. Riding passengers with a new driver can be nerve-wracking, as can trying to drive with the constant interventions of a back seat driver.

If a driver crashes into you, don’t assume that they have been driving for years because they are older. Check their experience to see if a lack of it may explain why the crash happened and help you get adequate compensation.

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