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What is my accident compensation worth?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

When someone falls victim to a car accident, they often need compensation to cover the costs of the accident. The cost of medical expenses alone can be several thousand dollars or more, but how can you be sure you are getting the compensation you deserve? There are several categories of compensation that you should consider before accepting a settlement offer, including:

Economic damages

This area of compensation may be the easiest to calculate, as these damages are based on the financial costs of an accident. Common examples of these costs are current and future medical operations and medications, property damage, lost income, medical equipment, and the renovation of a home to accommodate a handicap or relocation to a home that can accommodate it.

Non-economic damages

Some consequences of a serious personal injury cannot be measured in money. When an injury takes away your ability to enjoy lifelong hobbies, walk your children down the aisle at their wedding, or share a dance with your spouse, you deserve compensation for these losses. You can also receive compensation for experiencing loss of consortium or a damaged relationship with a spouse or partner because of your injuries.

Punitive damages

It should not be enough for a reckless or negligent party to only pay for the costs of the consequences of their actions, and they should also receive punishment for causing the injuries in the first place, which is where punitive damages come in. This form of compensation acts as a punishment for the liable party and as a message to others to not act in a similar manner.

Get the compensation you deserve

Even if you know what kind of compensation you should get for your accident, you should also be able to secure it. Thankfully, a skilled personal injury attorney can help you negotiate a settlement you deserve or fight for you through litigation. There are many forms of damages from an accident, so make sure you are getting fair and full compensation.

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