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Is it ever smart to wait a while to file an auto accident claim?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

In discussions about auto accidents and insurance claims, nearly everyone would say filing a claim right away is the smartest approach. The early filing of insurance claims means getting your financial payout as quickly as possible.

Since most people cannot afford to pay for medical care and property damage, they typically file a claim within a few days of the crash. While understandable, acting too soon could mean you do not get enough compensation to cover your necessary medical treatment if your injuries are severe.

Under what circumstances should you delay closing a claim?

You never want to wait too long before starting the claims process because you might lose your chance to file altogether. However, if a medical provider suspects you suffered severe or catastrophic injuries (spine damage, traumatic brain injury, etc.), waiting a short while to finalize your claim may make sense.

For example, the first-year costs of spinal cord injuries range from $347,484 to $1,064,716, depending on severity. If your crash affected your spinal cord, getting a full assessment of your injuries ahead of your claim is wise. When armed with medical reports detailing your bodily harm, you have a better chance of acquiring enough compensation to cover your injury treatment.

For catastrophic and severe auto accident injuries, legal advocacy is also wise. Such guidance ensures you get the payout you need and deserve in the wake of your harm. It can also set the stage for a successful personal injury lawsuit if you decide that is the best remedy for your situation.

We urge you to continue learning more about California accident and injury compensation laws and the requirements for filing a lawsuit.

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