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Look out for these back injuries following a car accident

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

A car wreck can result in a range of unpleasant consequences. Besides property damage, you may sustain life-altering injuries following a car crash. If you are hurt in a car accident that is not your fault, you should pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party so you can receive the compensation you need to treat your injuries and recover other damages.

Back injury is common during car wrecks. Of course, back injury is a relatively ambiguous term that describes anything from a strained nerve to paralysis. That said, here are three types of back injuries you can sustain following a car crash:

Sprains and strains

Sprains happen when the ligament in the back area is torn or stretched during the impact. Strains, on the other hand, happen when the muscles or tendons in the back area are torn, pulled or twisted during the accident. Both sprains and strains can leave the accident victim with debilitating pain.

Herniated discs

During the impact, portions of the spinal frame (known as disc herniates) can be displaced. This displacement can result in nerve impingement (pinching of the nerves), which can be characterized by chronic pain. Common signs of herniated disc injuries may include numbness, body weakness or a burning sensation along the spinal cord.

Spinal fractures

Depending on the location of impact, spinal fractures can be classified into lumbar or thoracic spine fractures. Both injuries can cause severe back pain with the potential of worsening over time. And if the spinal cord is damaged, the accident victim may experience bladder or bowel dysfunction. Common signs of spinal fractures include tingling, numbness as well as weakness of the limbs.

Back injuries that result from an auto accident can be crippling. If you sustain a back injury following a car crash that was not your fault, it is important that you explore your legal options so you can pursue the compensation you deserve for your damages.

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