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Why you shouldn’t rush to settle your car accident claim

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Agreeing to a quick settlement deal in the face of rising medical bills and lost wages after a car accident can be tempting. However, rushing to accept the first deal on the table is not advisable. You may get temporary financial relief but have nowhere to turn to should your situation or injuries worsen.

The only deal you should accept is one that fully compensates you for the damages you suffered, and in most cases, it is not usually the first offer. Insurance companies are in business and always looking to save money by minimizing payouts. You could get shortchanged if you hurriedly agree to a proposed settlement deal without due diligence.

Do you know the full scope of your damages?

You may be worried about treatment costs or lost wages, but what if your injuries result in a permanent disability? Has that been factored into your claim?

Before accepting an offer, it is crucial to have a complete picture of the injuries you sustained, how they will affect your life, and all other potential damages. Only then can you ascertain the value of your claim.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

If settlement negotiations are not productive and there is little headway, it may be time to involve the courts by filing a personal injury suit against the negligent driver. Although most claims do not reach this stage, it is necessary to be prepared for such an eventuality.

When pursuing your claim in court or even negotiating with an insurer, it is advisable to be well represented. The proper guidance will help you navigate the claims process and look out for your interests. Remember, the settlement you agree to can determine your quality of life after the claim is closed.

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