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Will lane-splitting limit your motorcycle crash compensation?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Motorcycle crashes |

Motor vehicle crashes often lead to expensive property damage and medical costs. Motorcyclists have much more risk of a severe injury in a crash because they don’t have an enclosed vehicle to help protect them. They will depend on insurance to help them offset the expenses they incur because of the wreck.

Most insurance coverage in California depends on liability. When a driver is to blame for a crash, the people affected by the collision can make use of their insurance coverage. As a motorcyclist, you may carry extra coverage on your policy to protect you from the risk of catastrophic injuries if you get hit by someone in a four-wheeled vehicle.

However, you will usually make a claim against the other driver’s coverage before accessing supplemental coverage on your policy. Partial fault can sometimes affect someone’s rights when they get hurt. Does lane-sharing on the California roads affect your right to make an insurance claim or file a civil lawsuit?

California actually permits lane-sharing

Both insurance companies and civil lawsuit defendants can fight back against compensation claims by showing that the other party was to blame or at least partially at fault. Claiming that the motorcycle driver broke the law right before the crash might reduce how much the other driver has to pay.

Thankfully, lane-sharing is legal in California and therefore does not increase your personal liability for any collision that occurs. Provided that you use your turn signals appropriately and do not become too aggressive or reckless, sharing a lane with another vehicle does not prevent you from holding a driver responsible if they hit you while you are out on the road.

Understanding California law will help you stay safer

Your familiarity with California law helps you drive more safely and helps you hold the right people accountable if you do get hurt while out on your motorcycle.

Knowing the rules that govern insurance and personal injury claims can also help you secure the appropriate amount of compensation given the damage to your motorcycle and injuries you experienced in the crash. Educating yourself about the causes and consequences of California motorcycle collisions will make you a safer and better-prepared rider.

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