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Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic amputation

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Every motor vehicle collision has unique factors that influence what kind of property damage and injuries occur. The speed and trajectory of the vehicles, the surface of the road and even the models of the vehicles involved can influence how severe a collision becomes.

When the vehicles involved in a wreck were traveling at high speeds prior to colliding and when there is a big difference in the size or momentum of the vehicles involved, particularly severe injuries may be possible. Severe or catastrophic injuries may require extensive medical support and can permanently change a person’s daily life.

Traumatic amputations or the severing of a body part during the crash are among the worst possible injuries a collision might cause. Car crashes are actually one of the leading reasons that people lose limbs and extremities in the United States.

Traumatic amputations account for 45% of limb loss

If you look at the statistics related to limb loss, traumatic amputation is not actually the most common kind of amputation in the United States. Instead, surgical amputation is the most common. Doctors amputate damaged tissue, often due to vascular disease, out of medical necessity.

However, roughly 45% of amputations are traumatic and involve some kind of incident like a car crash or a work injury. Motor vehicle collisions can cause severe fractures that doctors cannot mend or crushing injuries that cause too much damage to the soft tissue. Sometimes, doctors will have to complete a surgical amputation following a car crash because the damage to the affected body part is beyond their capabilities to repair.

Insurance may not be enough after a catastrophic injury

Unless the vehicle that caused your crash has an unusually high policy limit or is a commercial vehicle with a larger professional policy in place, the financial impact of the amputation may be well over what insurance will cover. In addition to immediate medical care, you will have ongoing care requirements for the rest of your life. You may also have diminished earning potential that you need to recoup.

Realizing you may require support to get adequate compensation can help you handle the consequences of a recent car crash that injured you.

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