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1 driving maneuver leads to the majority of intersection wrecks

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Auto Accident Injuries |

The maneuvers that drivers perform while in control of motor vehicles help them to reach their destinations safely and to respond appropriately to changes in traffic conditions. When motorists approach an intersection, they will typically perform one of three maneuvers. They may proceed directly through the intersection to continue traveling in the same direction. They might perform a right-hand turn, either with a traffic light or possibly during a red light.

Finally, they might conduct a left-hand turn. The last option is one of the most dangerous choices a person could make at an intersection, as it is responsible for over three-fifths of the collisions that occur at intersections.

Turning left is a slow and broad undertaking

Vehicles in the United States generally travel on the right side of the road, which means that right-hand turns are close and quick. Left-hand turns, on the other hand, are very wide and take longer to complete. They leave motorists exposed to oncoming traffic from all three other directions at some point in the turn.

Researchers looking at reports of what happened prior to a crash have established that approximately 61% of intersection collisions involve at least one vehicle turning left. The risk is so significant that many transportation and delivery companies design driver routes to minimize left turns, especially at busy intersections. Many municipalities now design intersections and roads to minimize left-hand turns.

Drivers don’t need to eschew turning left forever

Motorists don’t necessarily have to follow a circuitous route so that they can only turn right when they drive, but they may want to limit their left-hand turns. Having an awareness of the risk when turning left is valuable.

Drivers may see the value in waiting a moment longer to more carefully judge the actions of a motorist across the intersection from them or possibly altering their route when they know they will have to turn left at a busy intersection during a high-risk time. Learning more about the most common causes of collisions can help motorists make safer choices in traffic and hold responsible parties accountable after a wreck after seeking legal guidance.

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