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Holding liable parties accountable after a truck crash

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Truck Accidents |

If you have suffered injuries in a truck crash, they are likely to be serious, simply because most truck accidents result in significant damage. That means they are likely to be very expensive to treat and recover from. Getting adequate compensation may, therefore, be more difficult than it would be in the wake of an “average” motor vehicle collision.

Holding multiple parties responsible may be your only option to get the compensation you need, as coverage available under the driver’s insurance alone may be insufficient. Who else might you be able to hold responsible?

The trucking company

Maybe the truck driver made the ultimate mistake that led to the crash, but think about why they made that mistake. If their employer pushed them to take extra shifts instead of taking the days off that they needed, that employer may have contributed to the collision. The same could apply if the employer let the driver loose with a rig they were not experienced enough to handle.

The people who loaded the truck

A driver should check their load is adequately balanced and secured. However, they probably are not the ones doing the actual loading. They may not notice an error someone has made. If those who did the loading made mistakes, they may have contributed to the crash.

Manufacturers or mechanics

If the driver lost control of the vehicle after a mechanical failure, there are a further two options to consider. If you can show that a part was faulty, the manufacturer may be to blame. If parts seem okay but were improperly fitted or maintained, then the mechanic may be liable.

All these parties will likely fight hard to shift the blame away from themselves. Seeking legal help to hold them accountable could be crucial to getting the full amount of compensation you deserve and need.

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