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New technology could benefit those with traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2024 | Injuries |

There are several reasons why experts classify traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as catastrophic injuries. First is how profound the consequences of such injuries can be. The cost of medical care can range from five to seven figures depending on numerous details about the situation.

The injury is likely to have a ripple effect beyond just the need for medical care. Many people with TBIs have to change careers or cease working. Their injuries may affect their relationships and even what housing and transportation support they require. Another reason that TBIs are catastrophic injuries is that people generally do not make a full recovery after hurting their brains.

Medical interventions can prevent worsening symptoms. Rehabilitation services can help people adjust to their injuries. However, it is impossible to fully reverse the consequences of a TBI. The good news for those with acquired brain injuries is that new treatment options may be able to help.

Cutting-edge treatments can enhance quality of life

Previously, people with brain injuries simply had to accept certain symptoms and functional limitations as a consequence of getting hurt. However, researchers have started to look at novel means of addressing brain injuries symptoms.

One of those options showed real promise in a very small pool of brain injury survivors. Three different patients received implanted devices intended to deliver electrical stimulation to the brain. All three of those individuals reported marked improvements in memory recall and executive function.

Given that the brain relies on electrical impulses and that damage caused by injuries can interfere with those transmissions, the administration of electrical stimulation can seemingly overcome some of the limitations caused by TBIs. Of course, such treatment options are not widely available yet, and there may be several more years before even widespread clinical trials begin.

That being said, those adjusting to life after a brain injury may need to pursue compensation to cover both current and future care costs. A personal injury lawsuit after a car crash causes a brain injury could help someone pay for their existing hospital expenses and offset their lost income. They can also earmark resources for future treatment that could improve their quality of life.

Seeking compensation after a car crash may involve a combination of insurance negotiations and litigation. Those with catastrophic injuries often need more financial support than insurance alone can provide. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to get started.

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